Youtube has been the ultimate source of information and humorous content nowadays. Rising number of YouTuber around the globe and its easy access has made our lifestyle easy due to YouTube Tutorials and review videos. Every second 3 hour video gets added in YouTube and Nepali Youtuber also comprise a small percentage of it. Here we are with a funny unboxing video uploaded on Youtube where a guy unboxes CANCER. 

How he unbox cancer, what are the features, pros and cons, everything has been explained in the video. Lets move on to the video now:


You can directly watch the video on Youtube here.

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How to make BLACK TEA at home : This video brought Youtube tutorial to the next level


Do yo want to learn a new skill without leaving your living room? Then present days Youtube tutorials are the best option for you. A famous Nepali proverb “Garera Matra Hoina Herera Pani Dherai Sikinxa” is the major principal behind YouTube Tutorial Video. YouTube Tutorial video has unlimited scope. From Life Hacks to Earning money online, from making a delicious Pizza at home to Getting 10 thousand views in YouTube Channel within a week, the tutorial video have a wider range. So, if you want to learn something online, there are plenty of free opportunities that enhance your learning from the comfort of home.

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Some major scopes of YouTube tutorial videos are:
Make-up tutorials, Self-defense tutorials, Smartphone life hacks, Dumpling pro, How to fold your laundry properly, Learn how to make your pictures super-pretty, Become a professional footballer, Play the piano, Learn how to bake vegan cakes, Learning a foreign language.
Here we are with a funny tutorial where a Nepali Guy teaches you ‘How to make BLACK TEA at home”. Watch this tutorial video, laugh for a couple of minute and thank us later. Here we go:

You can watch the video directly on YouTube, Click here

So, did you find the video funny? If yes, share it among your friends. This video is just for entertainment purpose. Don’t take it seriously.

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